#62 Das Office

September 1, 2017
And here we can see Das Attendant in his usual work environment.


While not checking new laws, Das Attendant eagerly waits for people to ask him about Das Law.

Some day someone will come.

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Gheralf says:

Das Office is definitely the best place to watch the ensuing chaos of changing Piffships. Also, you get to learn about Das Law and enjoy some snacks at the same time.

Das Office has one of the longest opening times among offices. It is only closed for one hour a day, even though it is managed by a single person. During quiet hours, Das Attendant sometimes takes short naps to make sure he can make it through the day.


Vayandil says:

I decided to try out using some solid black in the drawings this time around. I think I will stick to it and observe if I can fit it well with the comics, so bear with me.