#55 Day in the Pigeon Coop

July 14, 2017
This is one way to make people learn their lesson, and then immediately forget it.


This is the pigeon coop. You get sent here for minor offenses.

You sit inside and listen the cooing for a day.

By the end of the day, most people no longer remember why they were put in.


Gheralf says:

For the purpose of this comic, I went to hang out in a coop for a day. Good thing Vayandil stayed outside, because afterwards I could no longer remember why I had gone in.

So how was the coop? I would tell you, if I remembered anything. After the experience I was mostly feeling too tired and confused to do anything but wander around aimlessly.


Vayandil says:

Pigeon coop's effectiveness is based on our need to stare at everything that is making a noise. So when there are dozens of pigeons cooing and pecking at stuff around you, your eyes want to look at everything at once. Apparently because of this sensory overload, all the most recent memories get wiped away. Fascinating.