#196 Daycare Burrow?

March 27, 2020
Five reasons to put your child to daycare. The caretaker will be shocked!


This is the local “daycare burrow”. Children play and practice essential life skills here while the adults are at work.
Wait. A visitor! With a box! Is it a toy delivery?

That is quite a face. What is it? Let us see!

Hey! We wanted to see that! Why are you running?

Apparently showing that thing to the derbies is more important. Pssh.


Gheralf says:

Well, we were trying to make a comic about the daycare burrow, but then this happened.

What the heck.


Vayandil says:

Now I understand why they say it is useless to memorise where you left your derby. Because there is always someone wanting to show the new horrific battle gear to their favourite steed...