#191 Deep Below the Mess Burrow

February 21, 2020
We dig into the relative non-secrets happening under the messy burrow!


Making preparations for the daily grub is a semi-precise process. All the magic happens underground, deep inside the mess burrow.

The process is handled by the potmate and two daily changing potsqueaks.

The seed room has a peculiar mechanism that dispatches seeds. This gutter is connected to a tall underground storage that is filled from the top. How clever!

The next room has SNACKS! Snacks on the ground! Snacks on the walls! Snacks raining from the ceiling!
Ahem… Apparently bugs aren’t considered snacks around here. The potmate ensures that bugs in the vases keep multiplying. How clever!

The mush room has a variety of shrooms growing on the walls. The muddy water here is used for cleaning the plates...
...and as sauce! How clever… hmm.


Gheralf says:



Vayandil says:

Probably a good thing Sah is not here with us (she was introduced in comic #68). She would definitely disassemble that seed storage thing to figure out the dispenser mechanism. I admit I am also intrigued to know how it actually works!

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

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