#174 Derby Browsing

October 25, 2019
Never let a shopkeeper decide for you; always browse the goods yourself!


Narration: We finally got the rancher to shut up and let us browse the derbies for ourselves.

Vayandil: This one is too tall. That one seems too lazy. Definitely too expensive! That one just ran away...
Gheralf: This one is mocking me.

Rancher: Eh, this here’s dead. I can give you a discount.
Gheralf: We’ll take it! And the attachment!


Gheralf says:

Our party is full again!

Or it is once we pay for Cacko and our steed.

I don’t know why the rancher called our steed dead. It’s clearly just very exhausted. Some sort of rancher slang, probably.


Vayandil says:

There were way more derbies than price tags, so I am left to wonder how we were supposed to make an informed choice out of all the options… Maybe the derbies drop them a lot?

No wait... It is probably to lure people into asking about the untagged ones so the rancher gets to start price negotiations. Yes, that must be it. Well, I am not an asking type of person, so it is good we found our choice so soon.