#175 Derby Ranch

November 1, 2019
We succumb to compromise our comic in the name of money.


Fifi: Welcome, to the Derby Ranch.
Gheralf & Vayandil: (This ad is paying for our derby plus one attachment. Please don’t hate us.)
Fifi: Our motto is “First impression are EVERYTHING(!)”.

Fifi: I, am the Derber Qonceror!
Gheralf & Vayandil: (Owner, a.k.a. Fifi Dembl.)
Fifi: I have, derbies for everyone’s taste! Come! To the Eastern Plains of Not Much! To find out how you can get yours!

Fifi: Gaze upon my loved, loving and lovely family, to which is mine! You wouldn’t deny a sale from such a family man,,, right?

Gheralf & Vayandil: (Thank you Derby Ranch, for sponsoring our steed plus one attachment.)


Gheralf says:

Fifi seems to believe that great first impressions are the key. He was very enthusiastic about giving instructions for the panels, especially after finding about all of our runic tablet's capabilities with being able to alter and move drawings around.

He was also very adamant about the spelling of his title “The Derber Qonceror”.

I’m pretty sure he was trying to sound fancy with the words “Derby” and “Conqueror”.


Vayandil says:

This whole comic strip is such a travesty, but we had to do it to compensate for the money we do not have for our steed plus one attachment. Luckily, this is the only one Fifi wanted to have a hand on to, and I quote, “keep his marketing brand consistent”.

Also, please do not ask what that gravity-defying thing on Fifi's hand is... He wanted to have it in his hand, but he does not own it, so I had to go with his weird explanation of a stick and a creature shape with big scary eyes. He liked the result, so it was close enough I guess?

Lastly, I want to sneak the original illustrations of the family here, because it is heavily edited in the comic: