#176 Derby Space

November 8, 2019
We explore the psyche of these fluffy steeds.


You may have noticed the lines drawn on the ground around the ranch.
Derbies notice them, too!

The lines are there to keep the derbies within a specific area.

It works like this:

Derby sees that this side has derbies, while other side doesn't have derbies.

Derby has concluded: This side is nice.

“Hello. Did you know you can be an official citizen of Buffet?”

Tell me more!

Gheralf says:

Good thing derbies are very simple.

... except that the whole line thing did raise a lot of questions. Such as: Why don't the derbies care about the lines during riding? What exactly constitutes a “line on the ground”? Do you need to renew the line? What happens if a bunch of derbies accidentally cross the line???


Vayandil says:

I am left to wonder whether the derbies mind the line on the ground by nature or they have been trained to do so. Fifi the rancher cannot provide more explanation than, “They're just like that. Been since my grand-grand-grand-grand-grandparents' days.”

I guess we need to someday find and observe wild derbies to get a better answer.