#173 Derby Wares

October 18, 2019
Shopkeepers know how to take care of you.


Shopkeeper: “Customers?! Don’t you know not to disobey the crabs? Get in!”

Shopkeeper: “Sit down! Allow me to show you the merchandise!”

Shopkeeper: “Let’s see, you look like the type who are looking for a…”
Shopkeeper: “...war-steed! Yes! No? In that case, a beauty for a show! No? A glarer to scare your neighbour, perhaps? Oh, I’ll figure you out.”


Gheralf says:

Are we allowed to speak yet? Yes? No?

...okay, we’ll wait.


Vayandil says:

There are... different types?! Can't we just buy a no-brainer classic edition and be on our way? A derby is a derby, simple as that!