#193 Diggers And Buying

March 6, 2020
When you happen to find a precious rock under your burrow, why not splurge it on something nice?


Good thing not all villagers are ignorant about valuable underground resources. It’s shopping time!

Wearing their curious outfits, the group travels... all the way to Buffet! They swiftly locate Montie at his Curiosity Shop.

Since they rode all this way, they must be looking for something truly essential. What could warrant such a long journey?!



Gheralf says:

Yes, we followed the group all the way to Buffet and back to experience this event firsthand.

And yes, we fasted the whole trip to Buffet, just to buy banana rations for the return trip.


I’m exhausted.


Vayandil says:

The guys could have just asked us to send them bananas once we return home from our trip. Question remains, though, which delivery service would be best value; Pigeons'R'Faster with a couple of bananas attached on multiple pigeons each or Foots-B-Better with a couple of bunches carried by a scurrier team?

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

This year's Comic of the Week is now ending and what an end it is: Brave new worlds await! Whether it's characters living in the post apocalypse or them being thrust into a completely different social dynamic, they must do their best to survive!

Gifts of Wandering Ice is a sci-fi story about ancient things people find in melting icebergs.

Of Conquests and Consequences is a coming of age comic about growing up in a foreign culture. Ruiso, a teenage aristocrat from the North finds himself a prisoner of war and is assigned as a servant to Ragu, a young heiress of one of the clans from across the desert. His captor will take him far away from his homeland and further still from his comfort zones. How will he adapt to the new culture?