#72 Distributing Inventions

November 10, 2017
In order to distribute inventions to people, you need somebody who is good at introducing things.


Recreated inventions need to be distributed to the people, so Sah brings them over to the Curiosity Shop.

It is the shopkeeper’s duty to introduce the contraption and provide instructions.

And thus, people mastered operating the vacuum device properly.
Its practical uses are limitless!


Gheralf says:

In case you somehow managed to forget him, Montie the Curiosity Shop keeper, was first introduced in comic #26.

The inventions distributed by the Curiosity Shop are not free. Sah and Eomygn probably receive a portion of the sales.

At least that is what we assume. When we tried asking Montie about it, he just started making funny poses.


Vayandil says:

Sah usually takes her reproduced inventions straight to the Curiosity Shop, since the other shops in town are too cautious or simply too specialized to get interested in the contraptions. Montie of the Curiosity Shop, however, has a peculiar knack for seeing selling potential in just about everything.