#285 DLEP Emergency Meeting

December 3, 2021
An emergency party.


Inside the Das Law Enforcement Party’s (DLEP) headquarters. A detective stands in front of a black mass of DLEP members. The wall behind the detective has drawings and notes on it.
Oman the Detective: “Colleagues! Our enemy is foolish! They have revealed their plan! And so, we, the detectives, have spent a forthour coming up with a counter-stratagem!”

Zoom in closer to the detective and the wall. Other detectives are sitting on the floor with blood-shot eyes. The wall reads “Annihilation of DAS LAW” and has a picture of the Stately Tower, with the top part being crossed out.
Oman the Detective: “The problem? Das Law is in peril! And if there is no Das Law... then there is no Das Law Enforcement Party! (That means us!) The solution?”

The detective is holding his hand up towards another drawing: a hole that reads “FILL Any and all entrances to Stately Tower”. Pictures of guards are around the drawing with arrows pointing from them at the drawing.
Oman the Detective: “Advanced physics! We defend the Stately Tower by means of... uh... physical manifestation of…”
Another detective: “Guards?”
Oman the Detective: “ALL THE GUARDS!”

The detective holds his hands up. The rest of DLEP joins him. Yacker holds up a finger.
Oman the Detective: “What is Das Law?!”
DLEP members: “WORD!!!”
Yacker the Jester: “Actually, it’s two words…“
Guard: “Quiet, Yacker!”
Yacker the Jester: “But I counted them...”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Is it two words or just one word and one meaningless grammatical article?

Who knows.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

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