#284 DLEP HQ

November 26, 2021
Welcome to the party headquarters! It’s where the party happens!


Text: “Humble Headquarters of Das Law Enforcement Party (DLEP)”
A building with two windows, a door, a tower and a banner above the door. Jesters dancing outside the building. Two guards sleeping by the door. A detective in the tower examining a pigeon. A citizen is walking towards the door with two pieces of paper in hand.

Inside the building. The citizen drops the papers through a slot in the door. A chicken with fancy hair is sitting by the door and looks up at the papers. Two guards are having fun.

Two blobs formed of guards, detectives and jesters try to ram through the windows, but get stuck there. The chicken and guards inside are startled.
Blobs stuck in the window: “Enemies! Opposition! Revolution! Das Law! AAAA! Help!”

Yacker the Jester opens the door. The blobs stuck in the windows turn their gaze at him.

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Everyone, meet our opposition.

Let’s not underestimate them, shall we?

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

Adventure Awaits!

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