#332 Emergency Glup Clause

October 28, 2022
When lacking glup, keep calm and follow Das Law.


Tuple and Smugastut the guards and Sharpie the detective are enjoying snacks together. Tuple and Smug are drinking from sippy mugs while Sharpie keeps munching on a cookie. A hand is bringing more cookies for Sharpie, in an ever-growing tower of confections.
Sharpie: “For someone so stuck on glup, I can’t believe you forgot the emergency glup clause.”
Smugastut: “Emergency what?”

An old, shredded and dirty book resting on a pedestal. It's Das Law. There are various pieces of paper with written notes stuck to the book, as well as lots of threads connecting it to a multitude of pieces of paper adorning the walls.
Sharpie: “Das Law guarantees snack time for all DLEP members. If glup ain’t available for any reason, it’ll be collected from citizens and wherever.”

Offertory Collectors Party doing what they do best: running around town with collecting bags in their hands, taking money from every citizen. Even from babies and through the windows of people's homes. Sharpie is in the middle, pointing at one of the collectors.
Sharpie: “And tha’s a job for the Offertory Collectors Party. They jus’ needed remindin’.”

We return back to Tuple, Smugastut and Sharpie. Tuple is starry-eyed, while Smugastut yells in awe. Sharpie has gone through many cookies by now and is reaching down to the last ones.
Tuple: “Wow! I didn’t even know there was such a clause!”
Smugastut: “Praised be Das Law!”
Sharpie: “Yep. Try readin’ it someday.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

The Offertory Collectors Party aren’t allowed to go inside people’s houses. That would just be too rude.

What counts for going inside a person’s house?

It’s rather simple: “Your feet touching the floor.”

And that is why everybody keeps their tables away from windows.