#156 Entertainment Amiss

June 21, 2019
It’s so nice to find old comrades during a time where you very specifically need those very specific old comrades.


Guards faced a new problem: how to get people excited about the wonders of Das Law. This folk only cared about entertainment.
*guards watch the “Angriest Face-off” show, ponderingly*

“We’ll show them entertainment! To the storeroom! Hmm? Was this place always such a mess?”
*guards rummaging the storeroom*

*guard holding up a jester*

“Barry? Chucka? Trefal? Mertimer!? What is going on here?”
*more jesters emerge from the piles*
“Are those our names? It’s been so long.
Anyway, do you have any paper? We would like to fill one ‘insufficient guard clothing’ report.
And four ‘I lost my stuff’ reports.”



Gheralf says:

And so the jesters return. But will they ever get a chance to write their reports, or does fate have a bigger purpose for them?


Vayandil says:

I found out from some documents that the outside does exist! We should make some comics of it once we get this history series out of the way!