#146 Escalating Opinions

April 12, 2019
Well, that escalated at a comparably understandable rate.


(Two guards notice a note of paper flying towards them in the wind.)

(The first guard reads the note and doesn't understand its meaning. The second guard notices a group of other notes lying on the ground.)

(The first guard is shaking in shock, holding more notes in her hands and reading them. The second guard runs towards yet another, even bigger, group of notes lying on the ground.)

(The first guard is kneeling, crying and reading the notes in her hands and under her knees. The second guard stands further away, pointing at a big pile of even more notes.)



Gheralf says:

If you want to know what horrors were written in the notes, you can just use your imagination. If you’re having a hard time with that, you can look at the previous comic for inspiration.

To be fair, “chicky fluffballs” is a pretty mean thing to say.


Vayandil says:

Our history has been shaped by so many crazy and yet somehow logical chain events that it must not come as a surprise by now that the invention of paper caused yet another big change in our society. You will see what that is in the following comics.