#268 Expedition Group Away

August 6, 2021
In they go. It’s expedition time!


Captain: “Alright, troopies. We’re going in! You! Keep watch outside! And remind Mertimer Jr. to water the plants!”
Guard: “Yes, cap’n! Das Law is word!”

Captain: “And don’t let Yacker do anything stupid! Gosh! Somebody always has to be that guy! We have more important things on our hands right now, Yacker!”

Citizen: “Excuse me, can we go in now?”
Guard: “Go right ahead! Welcome to the Stately Tower!”

Captain:: “EEARGH! My head!”
Captain: “It’s dangerous in here! Don’t let anybody in until we come back!”

Guard: “Stately Tower is closed!”
Guard: “Das Law is word!”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

And so, a brick just fell on the good old Captain.

Perhaps he should consider actually wearing that helmet he’s always carrying around for once.

Or perhaps not. History shows that it has quite a faulty design when it comes to visibility. Perhaps it was originally abandoned as a flower pot for not being all that functional.