#57 Fan Mail to Lord, Part 2

July 28, 2017
More fan mail? Where does it all come from?


Piff: Hello. Piff here. Got some mail, so here you go. There were more but I ate them.

Fan mail: Are you sure you’re eating properly?
Piff: Mom, stop mailing me. I’m the Lord now. I can handle this.

Fan mail: When are you away from the throne? A friend wants to know.
Piff: Tell them I’m not telling.

Fan mail: How's the crown?
Piff: Too tight. I need to ask somebody to fix that. Somebody! Fix my crown! Now! Wait, I should probably say that out loud instead of writing it here.

Fan mail: Dear Lord, what lies beyond the realm?
Piff: Now that is a good question! The answer is-gackkk!

New Piff: Greetings. New Lord here. Let’s continue with the mail.

Fan mail: A giant spider has moved in our neighbours' house but the guys don't seem to care. Should I be worried?
New Piff: No.

Fan mail: But…
New Piff: No.

Fan mail: The giant spider keeps trying to sell me these shady pamphlets.
New Piff: Read them. If they’re good, give the spider some shiners.

Narration: You can still send your fan mail to Piff!

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Gheralf says:

It seems our neighbour is amongst the people who sent some letters to Piff. What a coincidence!


Vayandil says:

The Lord has to read through a lot of mail, so we once again compiled some of the more interesting ones for you to read. And yes, Piff did change in the middle of the reading session, so we added it here too.