#123 Fan Mail to Lord, Part 5

November 2, 2018
Lord of the Realm is interrupted by an abrupt offering of fan mail.


Piff: Good day. I was about to pass a law to forbid hot coats, but now I have to answer a bunch of mail instead.
...but seriously, what’s up with this coat? It doesn’t fit our climate at all!

Fan mail: Where is the previous Piff? Me and my friends have gotten to like him.
Piff: I don’t know. I just work here now.
…unless you mean the guy I just clobbered to get here? Or the guy that he clobbered? Or the guy before that who got mopped through the floor and sent down the stairs? Or the guy even before that who was thrown down the trap door? Or the posse that is still tumbling through the room without noticing that I have the crown?
...yeah, I don’t know who you’re talking about.

Fan mail: Do you ever have this insatiable feeling of wanting to hold things with your feet instead of hands?
Piff: YOU TOO? I get it all the time! We should hang out!

Fan mail: Why did you want to be Piff?
Piff: After reading about all the offertory paying and law making and DLEP and stuff, I realized that I’m the only sane person around here! It’s all just a bunch of jollyhoots around me, everywhere!

Fan mail: Just what does “Jollyhoot” mean, exactly?
Piff: A jollyhoot is a… it’s a… umm… I’ll just forward this to the history nuts. Off you go, pigeon!

Narration: A busy pigeon is a pigeon with no time to plan how to take over the realm – send your fan mail NOW!


Gheralf says:

...? A mail pigeon just fell through the roof (and the attic) with a request by none other than the (current) Piff!

I guess we’ll get to it then.


Vayandil says:

It tends to take sooo long for Piff to answer mail… Maybe we need to plan a way to speed up the process. It may take time, though, since things are very busy at the moment. Nevertheless, please keep sending your questions! Piff (and us) are very delighted about every single one of them!