#135 Fan Mail to Lord, Part 6

January 25, 2019
A proposal from an admirer? A letter from a pigeon trainer? What will Piff respond?!


Piff: What’s this giant heap? Mmmmmm?! Fan mail? But I’m not good at responding. I really don’t wanna. There’s so many. Can’t I just– Fine! But just a few!

Fan mail: Piff, will you marry me?
Piff: Umm... Here. *dances while makes faces* You merried now?

Fan mail: Hello. Hello? I tried sending this message via my own trained pigeon. Did it arrive? How many days did it take? Is the pigeon in good shape? Can you make out my handwriting?
Piff: Hi! Yes! What? I don’t– Kinda. Maybe? I’m not entirely sure.

Fan mail: Hi, Peouf. About next week’s meeting, I don’t think you need to come. We’ll be fine. Trust me.
Piff: Hi. I don’t know what you’re– Oh, this isn’t for me. Hold on, I’ll find Peouf and tell them!

Piff: No, that’s enough pigeons! I’m going! I must find Peouf!

Pigeons: Now we’re bored!
Narration: You too can send mail to Piff!

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Gheralf says:

That has to be the third most shifty-eyed Piff I’ve ever seen.


Vayandil says:

Once again, thank you for the mail! We saw some interesting ones in the pile, but unfortunately this Piff left before he could read them... We will have to wait for the next Piff to take on the task.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

This Piff is an owly form of Mathieu Moyen, maker of the webcomic 6-commando. He backed the previous SpiderForest Anthology and got himself a cameo. May his squinty face stay plastered in history for eternity!

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