#158 Fan Mail to Lord, Part 8

July 5, 2019
A rather suspicious Piff responds to the fan mail.


Hi- I mean, greetings!? Is that fan mail? Uh, could you read it out loud? I can’t… I mean my eyes can’t… umm… see? Tired from... looking at ants… draggin’ bananas… that’s why.

“Is that your natural color?”
Of course it is. Why… why would you ask something like that?

“I do think my neighbor is a hobo in disguise. What should I do about it?”
I wouldn’t know anything about such things, since I’m the lord and umm… therefore very rich! But uhh… if you come up with anything, let me know. I’m curious.

“If I give you a shiner, can I be Piff?”
A shiner! … Umm… no, no. Uhh...

“What about 2 shiners?”
Two..!? Deal! Here’s your crown and cape and throne. Woohoo! Card tables, here I come!

*Former Piff now in rags and happy with two shiners.*
“Can’t wait!”

“If you are Lord of the Realm, are there other realms with Piffs?”
Well, since I’m not the Piff anymore, I can’t really say. But, just between you and me... there’s this fellow called “Mogul of the Slums” who is a pretty big deal.

Lord or not – pigeons won’t boycott!
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Gheralf says:

Even though it is rather cozy down here at the archives, my brain is starting to hurt from putting together all these historical events. Maybe Vayandil is right and we should try going out soonish.

But before that, there are a few more things we found out that need to be tied up!


Vayandil says:

The Lord… And fan mail… Very familiar concepts, both of them.

Oh, you read that, readers? We're planning to go out! Some day! Yaaaaaay!