#166 Fan Mail to Lord, Part 9

August 30, 2019
Here’s a piff. There’s a pigeon. What does that make?


Piff: Hm? Oh, hello! Fan mail, you say? Don’t mind if I do!
Also, please support your local handy crafters! HANDEY! CRAFTERS!

Fan mail: I broke my roof.
Piff: … Why?

Fan mail: Who was the original Chicky Fluffballs? And why is Chicky's name an insult today?
Piff: Chicky is a fiendish monster that scours the Lower Plains. If you go near her, she’ll turn you into fluffballs.

That’s why you don’t go to the Lower Plains.

There is no fate worse than chicky fluffballs!

Fan mail: I am from the monkeymen of the East, great Owl ruler! I see your people have discovered Magic. Who is your greatest Mage?
Piff: Salutations. I don’t know what a monkeymen looks like, so please send a painting next time.

The greatest mage is none other than – me!

See the the writing right below this one?


Fan mail: We set up an ambush for you to take the crown and cape, but we accidentally put it in the wrong spot. Would you mind coming down a few floors?
Piff: Hmm…


Alright! Just let me grab one more letter to answer while I come down. Let’s see...

Fan mail: 001010000100111101110110010011110010100100101111
Piff: That’s just a bunch of numbers.

*Piff starts to pixelate*

… Is this a math test?

*Piff pixelates even more*

I’m not feeling so well.
*Piff becomes a mush of pixels*

Math is hard.

Error: LORDOF~1.PIF has halted
Error: Can’t

Narration: Piff? PIIIIFFFF!
At least the pigeons are still operational. Send your fan mail today!

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Gheralf says:

Getting out of the archives was a good idea. I think inhaling that much dust made us hallucinate.

I should probably report about that safety hazard to somebody, but we’re too busy preparing for our trip. There’s snacks to pack!


Vayandil says:

So many comics that I do not even remember drawing… I must have been in a weird place.

Anyway, packing time! It is time to take it easy and just let the adventure take us wherever it goes! Yay!

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

Today’s Piff is one Hannele Rusila. She’s known for her excellent wool and linen crafts, bringing warmth to your body, home and heart: http://www.en.hannelerusila.fi/

Thank you, Hannele, for supporting the SpiderForest Haunted Anthology Kickstarter! May your crafty stare stay plastered in history for eternity!