#374 Fixing Art

August 18, 2023
You fix art by putting rocks on top of it.


The revolution leader, Stygian Lord is placing black pieces of rock on top of a broken wide pedestal that resembles the base of a stone slab. People in black cloaks stand by and watch, as well as the spy who has secretly emerged from the floorboards. Small black-cloaked individual sits on the side, cleaning a pair of scissors.
Top Hat: “The leader’s placed some of the heavy rocks on top of the piece of art!”
Sharpie: “I’m gonna need a drawing of this “piece of art”. Can you do that?”
Top Hat: “My ears’ll draw it!”
Sharpie: “Great. How’s Team 1?”

Guards standing in a staircase, their eyes fixed on a growing hole on the stone tile wall. One of the guards has a big hammer, while another is wielding a broken nunchuck weapon.
Top Hat: “Team 1 is on standby! They’re ready to bust in at any time!”
Sharpie: “Good, but we ain’t in a hurry. Let ‘em chisel the other side a bit more.”

We return to Stygian Lord and the black stone slab. A person in a black cap and black t-shirt is on their knees and hands, gesturing a thumb-up at their leader. The spy and the small black-cloaked individual wonder who the newcomer is.
Top Hat: “Bro! There’s someone without a cloak posing in front of the piece of art!”
Sharpie: “What the fluff is happening in there? I need that drawing!”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

It’s a good thing we’re the ones handling the drawings in this comic at the moment.

Otherwise, our readers would be as in the dark as Sharpie here.