#128 Flight of the Workbirds

December 7, 2018
Teamwork works when there is somebody who actually knows what they’re doing.


Workbird: “Hello. I see your building crashed. Need some support?”

From the ruins of failed attempts and abandoned rocks rose a foundation – a circular tower! Now the workbirds could attach their constructions to it firmly, building higher and higher...

...until their huts towered so high their racket was barely audible.
“Goodbye!” shouted the workbirds.
“Good riddance,” waved the jollyhoots.



Gheralf says:

From what we could gather, it seems that almost anything back then was built in a square shape. I wonder what sparked the workbirds to make the base of the tower circular?


Vayandil says:

So we started by finding the origins of jollyhoot and jollyhootery, but now the research has taken us to a bit of Buffet's history. And there is something very familiar about it...