#134 Flood Solution

January 18, 2019
If all people were this smart, we wouldn’t even need comics anymore!


While most of the citizens didn’t mind the flooded city, they eventually got fed up fishing for rats, drifting furniture and their float-away children.

They hatched a genius yet simple solution to drain the water: make a couple of small holes to the wall.

Except they found that draining speed was proportionally comparable to the size of the hole. Ergo: bigger hole = less days living on the roofs!

Meanwhile, some citizens were tragically unaware of the aforementioned mathematical breakthroughs.
They spent their days in the tower trying to make contact with the workbirds.

“Hello. Did you know you can be an official citizen of Buffet?”

Tell me more!



Gheralf says:

It sure sounds like medians used to be very intelligent. Maybe even more so than today? We’re still working on trying to figure out whether that was the case or not.


Vayandil says:

This comic smarts so much that we had to open up the dictionary many, many times.

We will return to the ancestor-medians and their wall problems, but let us first tell you about what happened in the tower in the meanwhile.

But first-first, Piff will answer some mail next week while we take a little more time to gather material for the next comic pages.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

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