#188 Floral Hospitality

January 31, 2020
Floral treatment is known to have considerable impact but unsubstantial effects.


Our map was missing quite a few details, so we drew another one of this area, the Plains of Two Villages.
(We filled it quite well using the local villagers’ descriptions!)
Right now we’re in the western village. Our next place of travel should be the eastern village.

However, we are confined here.

...at least until Cacko is finished with her floral treatment.
“The treatment will end when she moves!” says this Mulperry fellow.


Gheralf says:

I have tried to keep track of Mulperry’s many proverbs. They include:

“Wait! I know just the bunch for this!”

“This has always worked before!”

“Move, you multi-limbed bobblehead!”


“I don’t get it.”


Vayandil says:

We have gotten so used to Cacko's immobility that we have not been bothered by her condition for some time. After all, she's still the same old Cacko. To us, she's fine as is.

But the village “doctor”/“aromatherapist” disagrees.

Oh well, I guess it will not hurt to at least try out Mulperry's therapy sessions. Who knows, maybe this is what Cacko needs.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

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