#400 Foodstuff Throwing Competition

February 16, 2024
Food versus reagents.


The Aviatar tries his protection spell again, throwing ginseng, garlic and ash to his side. Beast Lord swiftly throws a banana amidst the ingredients, as instructed by Quackles the Jester.
Quackles: “Same spell again! Give him another banana!”

The Aviatar throws another bunch of ingredients to his back.
Quackles: “Again! Behind him!”

The Aviatar and the Beast Lord keep throwing ingredients as people around them look on.
Quackles: “Again! Again! Again! Again!”

View zooms into Stygian Lord, who motions with his hand for the last one of the three black-cloaked figures to take action.
Quackles: “Again! Again!”
Quackles. “Quack! He’s trying to exhaust our bananas!”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

400th comic. Would you look at that.

And of course, it’s about bananas.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

In Their Shoes...

Would you do the same? Sometimes circumstances push people to do things they never considered before.

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