#154 Foundation for Order

June 7, 2019
Today, papercraft and high-class acting skills!


*Lord of the Realm ripping paper with his beak.*

*Lord of the Realm holding a ripped piece of paper.*

*Lord of the Realm plops the piece of paper into his head plumage.*

*Lord of the Realm sitting in the empty throne room, ripping more paper*

*Lord of the Realm with a bunch of paper stuck in his head plumage*
Lord of the Realm: “Where is everybody?”

Guard reading from Das Law:
“...and all mugs shall be round, so it hurts less to devour your drink!”
“So says Das Law!”



Gheralf says:

The paper shred crown still exists!

Or it did. It kind of crumbled into dust just now.

As if it had fulfilled its ultimate purpose, and could finally rest!

...or met a tiny bit of force from the touch of my hand. Hmm.


Vayandil says:

*rip-rip-rip-rip-rip* *pfui-pfui-pfui-pfui-pfui* This is the worst picnic ever!