#106 Get Depuff

July 5, 2018
Forget adventuring, you can’t even go out looking like that!

Gheralf says:

The Aviatar has not hooted even once.

But he has made some other strange noice. Twice now, in fact.

It sounded like he was saying “omnomnom” really, really slowly.

I’m hungry.


Vayandil says:

Yup, still here at the shrine, so here is a comic we made some time ago. We have been away from home for so long that we do not know how the puff business is doing at the moment. Hopefully those cheap gyms have vanished or they have at least become more professional. The poor depuffed individuals are something no one, not even the depuffed ones themselves, wants in their neighbourhood. That towering stance and the mean leer, not to mention how uncomfortable it must feel to have the whole plumage squeezing at you like that...