#75 Get Puff

December 1, 2017
Is this really the right way to prepare for an adventure?


There is a new establishment called “Gym” in town. People go there to get puff voluntarily.

Inside, your feathers are made to stand on end using some mysterious methods.

A puffed adventurer is practically invincible.
At least, that is what the advertisement claims.



Gheralf says:

So, there are people who apparently realized that getting puff has some major positive effects and made that into a business. We tried to find out about how they came to this conclusion, but had to flee before we got suckered in and turned into balls of fluff.

The small print says that you should be careful about your puff wearing off after a period of time. There is no guarantee when it will happen, so be sure not to be surrounded by hazards during that exact moment.


Vayandil says:

So, what makes this puffness desirable as opposed to the one caused by Thunderstorm of Sudden Puffs (comic #50)? Well, the former is voluntary, I guess?