#40 Giant Spider

March 31, 2017
Is this a new pet? A tenant? An employer? Something like that.


Some time ago a tiny spider came to us with a message: "Big sis has chosen this place as her dwelling."

Then the tiny spider disappeared.

Big sister now lives on our ceiling.
She is self-sufficient, so we do not mind.


Gheralf says:

Usually when spiders come by we immediately grab and put them in our mouths. I could swear that this one was wearing a tiny hat. We were both too confused by that to do anything but stare at it until it scurried away somewhere.


Vayandil says:

I thought I saw a glimpse of something floating away when we looked out of the window. It might have as well been a light lump of hay, but I want to imagine it was the spider floating away for new homes to visit.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

*skitters around on the ceiling*
Let me show you my home...