#287 Glup for DLEP

December 17, 2021
Here’s your glup, DLEP.


Tuple the guard looks panicky and is pulling Oman the detective by the sleeve. Oman looks calm and tired.
Oman the Detective: “What is it, Tuple? Where are the drinks? You promised to bring us glup.”
Tuple the Guard: “Emergency! Come! The glup house..!”

Oman and Tuple by the glup establishment. Dozens of people are sitting on the street. A guard is banging the glup establishment’s door. The establishment’s walls have Stygian Lord’s eye icons drawn on them and the door and windows have been boarded shut.
Tuple the Guard: “See!?”

Oman and Tuple approach Smugastut the guard at the boarded door. Smugastut is pointing at the window where a revolutionist is showing them the tongue from between boards and behind glass.
Oman the Detective: “What is going on here?”
Smugastut the Guard: “The revolutionists are being rude! They didn’t mention this in their manifest at all!”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

We drove the drinkers out while keeping them calm and docile. How satisfying.