#8 Greater Owls

August 18, 2016
Greater owls! Woah, they’re kind of huge...


The greater owls are scary. They are known to protect areas within the swamp with unforgiving vigilance.

They do not harm adventurers, but should you try to enter their turf... they grab you and haul you into a tree somewhere.

There are people who have tried to pay them tribute, but the greater owls remain unruffled.


Gheralf says:

Many mysteries surround the greater owls! Questions such as, what do they eat? As far as we know, the swamp doesn’t have that much available prey. Even the lesser owls seem to be struggling. And nobody (trustworthy) has ever been known to see them do anything but stand around in watch and hauling trespassers around. People have tried offering them various foodstuffs with no success.

Even though the Puny Swamp is right next to Buffet, there’s plenty of uncharted area in it thanks to the greater owls making sure nobody enters their turf. My personal theory is that they are keeping the best hunting grounds for themselves!


Vayandil says:

Illustrating the appearance of the greater owls was a tricky task, since you rarely get to marvel them before you find yourself in a tree. I collected descriptions from various victims, who had the miraculous opportunity to get a better look at them. It was not enough, though, so we followed a group of adventurers towards the owls' turf to witness them ourselves.

It did not take long before our whole group was suddenly taken to the air and flung into trees somewhere far away. I was mentally prepared for it, so as soon as I did not feel the ground under my feet anymore, I started taking mental notes of our attackers. Some of the descriptions got confirmed, many of them not. I also noticed that the individual owls seemed to have different kinds of distinctive features on their faces. The end result are the illustrations you can see here. Please note that some artistic freedom was still employed.