#144 Guard Clothes

March 29, 2019
Guards guard gaudy gauds to gird gourdes.


The Peacemongers eventually became who we know as guards. But why did their uniform change into the form we see today?

A single complaint (by one “C.C.”) had ruffled the Peacemongers’ feathers. Fearing that they were becoming a joke, they hired the School of Despotism to design a new uniform.

Two clashing philosophies gave life to a formidable design.



Gheralf says:

If you’re wondering what “despotism” means, according to the manifests left behind by School of Despotism, it is about “total and absolute intimidation and authority”. That may sound like a pretty tough place, but in the end they are just a couple of fellows who like angry faces.


Vayandil says:

It is not wise to let some random comments dictate one's life.