#378 Guards Overwhelmed

September 15, 2023
That’s some impressive stick action!


Black-clad partisans, most of them hooded, pose in front of the defeated guards. Many of the partisans have one, two or multiple fighting sticks stolen from the guards. The center partisan spins a couple of sticks nimbly and confidently.
Guard 1: “How are they so strong?”
Guard 2: “We’re not doing Protocol #1 hard enough!”

The guards run straight at the two-sticked partisan, who effortlessly smacks three of them down, causing each of them to loose their fighting sticks.
Guard 1: “Go go go!”
Guard 3: “Protoc–!”

More guards keep pouring at the partisan, who swipes once again, sending another group of guards flying.
Guard 4: “Das L–”
Guard 5: “Keep doi–”
Guard 6: “Protoc–”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Today’s comic may be slightly exaggerated.