#380 Headquarters Combat

September 29, 2023
HQC stands for what? Look at the title. HQC stands for that.


Sharpie the detective looks angrily at the Tuple and Smugastut the guards while waving his hands wildly.
Sharpie: “What d’ya mean “CQ what?” All guards’ve been trainin’ close-quarters combat every day for years!”
Smugastut: “Whaaat? I’ve never heard of it.”

Same shot as previous. Sharpie throws his hands up in confused anger.
Sharpie: “Quackery! It’s in the daily training manual! Right before I left for the Slu–”
Tuple: “Oh! Sharpie, do you mean HQC?”

Shot zooms into Sharpie. His hands relax as he realizes he's been wrong about the guard's skills.
Smugastut: “Oh yeah! Headquarters Combat! We did that years ago, digging holes around the HQ.”
Tuple: “But then injuries skyrocketed.”
Smugastut: “Right! So Captain changed it to BBQ: Back-bent Questing. To protect us from the holes.”
Tuple: “But then he fell into one himself.”

Sharpie walks away from Tuple and Smugastut, who keep talking amongst themselves.
Smugastut: “Yeah! So he changed it to FAT: Fill All Things.”
Tuple: “But somebody accidentally filled the Captain’s helmet.”
Smugastut: “So then we got PAD: Pay Attention Dangit.”
Tuple: “But then everyone was tired from being too alert.”
Smugastut: “Which led to SBI: Sleep Better Initiative.”
Tuple: “I liked that.”
Smugastut: “And then...”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Sharpie isn’t stupid. He’s taken into account multiple points of failure in every part of his plans to stop us.

And despite that, we’ve kept him so busy he failed to realise that this leg his plans have stood on was rotten.

It happens.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:


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