#76 Heraldry

December 8, 2017
Heraldry is the art of introducing all you represent in a single image.



Gheralf says:

It is written in Das Law that you must study heraldry for a year in your life. However, many view it as a rather unnecessary part of education, so most parents just dump their kids into the institute as infants. This way they get that mandatory teaching period done with, and also get a break from caretaking for a while.

It sounds pretty smart now that you think about it.


Vayandil says:

Apparently (according to the teacher of heraldry, at least) the pair of eyes should always be included in every insignia. There are, though, a bunch of businesses and institutes that have not followed the rule, for example Pigeons’R’Faster Operationals (comic #4). I also suspect that most of the people following the rule are doing it by accident, since we simply tend to like big eyes on pictures.