#253 Higher Plains

April 30, 2021
Higher Plains? Lower Plains? What’s the difference?


Finally, it’s the Higher Plains, everyone!
... Or is it? There is nothing “Higher” about it.

But worry not, for Cacko and her new trusty steed Deecee will go scout the area! They will find out what is so “Higher” about this place!

Meanwhile, we found out that the massive forest fire happens every 3.14159265359 years. Everyone here knew about it! But there’s debate about the validity of the last numbers in...

...hold that thought, Cacko’s back! Let’s see what she found out.


Gheralf says:

After what feels like a year, we have finally decided to name the complimentary derby chick that we received from the Derber Qonceror Fifi.

We’ve been calling it “derby chick” the whole time (or DC for short) so Deecee felt like a pretty natural name.


Vayandil says:

Okay, but who took that picture?

Cacko? Did you find someone in the middle of nowhere to take a picture of you?

Or... did you teach Deecee to do it..?

Cacko is just staring at me. She is not going to tell me, is she?