#183 Hilly Picnic

December 27, 2019
Two owls do their best to understand their surroundings by means of listening to old hoots.


These people do not seem like tourists. What are they here for?

“...perch your silly butt upon high vantage,” as the old hoot would say! Giddy up, derbs!

We have secured a spot for our silly butts by the usage of our blanket. Now what can we find out?

... That is a lot of people. Other than that, this doesn’t tell us hootly-squat!
We really need to stop listening to old hoots.


Gheralf says:

Old hoot.

I'm disappointed (óvò)


Vayandil says:

The old hoot's proverb tends to have its weak moments, but it does work most of the time! We just need to have faith and not give up!

But for now, the proverb can take a nap while we consult the trip brochure for answers.