#1 Home Is Where the Food Is

May 22, 2016
Where would owls build a city? Well, any place that has owl food, I guess.


It is said that when this city was established, it was just an open lot called Hoo. This caused much headache in daily conversation, since in the local language at the time this word had over 2600 different meanings.
Hunter: Hoo!
Other hunter: Hoo?

The name was eventually changed to Hoohoo. This was slightly better, but the word still held over 400 meanings. This was called the Age of Hooteryery or Hootamism, depending on who you ask.
Citizen: Hoohoo!
Other citizen: Hoo!

Finally the name was changed to Buffet. This word signifies a place with a steady supply of food. A fitting name for a city with an overflowing rat population.


Gheralf says:

Today we took the first glimpse at the history of the city where the citizens live. Did we succeed? Are you already yearning for more?

It seems these days people are too lazy to read books about things that have happened. I don’t blame them. Books can be boring. So we gathered a bunch of old pencils and papers, and started jotting down things in a more reader-friendly manner.

... Looking at this pile of historical stuff we have, I’m kind of afraid. What have we gotten ourselves into?


Vayandil says:

With this first comic I let myself experiment how much detail would be nice for our series. It will take a few full comics to find what works and what doesn’t and how much won’t be too overwhelming to draw. I’m interested to see where our little comic will develop.