#114 Homebound

August 31, 2018
Even in webcomics, you’re not safe from musical numbers.


By the knowledge and tools vested in us! 3, 2, 1. GO!

You’ve been busy and stressed, we know.
Forgot you could sew and tow!
No materials or tools? Look and realise:
All you need to do is improvise!

It’s time to pull your weight (that’s just part of the membership!)
Let go of your eternal grip,
And don’t be afraid of the absurd!
Grab your gadget and fly, silly bird!

You’re home. Was that trip even real?
Not every quest ends in a squeal.
That journey is over, so take a break.
Perhaps, one day, a new one emerges like an earthquake!

Thank you, Crusaders out.


Gheralf says:

Umm… there are quite a few spiderwebs, new shelves and apparently two new attics, but other than that this sure seems like our house.

*sips from tippy mug*


Vayandil says:

Can I go sleep now? Now that we are home, I do not feel like celebrating for some reason.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

Stop sitting there and come have a look at the attics! They’re wonderful, and filled to brim with comics!