#164 Homecoming of Authority

August 16, 2019
Tonight, return of top authority, and the authority shows how much authority they really have!


Das Law Enforcement Party was in full operation!

And yet, Barry could not shake off the feeling that they had forgotten something.


“Why did I become a jester, anyway?”

*Lord of the Realm kicks open the door*

First addendum to Das Law:
“You will not forget about Lord of the Realm.”

With an attached postscript:
“Never. EVER!”



Gheralf says:

Piffy is back!



Vayandil says:

Barry's exact thoughts are forever a mystery, so we came up with something to fill the silent moment in the fourth image. There were actually many options. Here's a couple:
“Drat, I forgot snack time!”
“What is life, anyway?”
“Where’s my hat?”