#401 How to Ruin a Spell, Method 2

February 23, 2024
There’s many things you can ruin by throwing guards at them.


Beast Lord grips the lightning whip and hisses in reaction to the Aviatar reaching out to his belt pouch. Quackles give some hints to the Beast Lord.
Quackles: “Hint: That was the last banana!”
Beast Lord: “Hiss!”
Quackles: “Hint: Don’t worry about it.”

The Aviatar utter two spell runes, I and S, as he throws ash, ginseng and garlic into the air. Beast Lord runs hastily to do something about the spell.
Quackles: “I said, don’t worry about it!”

Suddenly, a guard falls from the ceiling, interrupting the spell with her face. Beast Lord dodges just in time to avoid colliding with the guard.
SFX: “Paff”

The Aviatar and the fallen guard (covered in ash and ginseng) look up at an ominous black figure.

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

There are exactly zero spells that utilize guards as reagents.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

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