#302 Inexplicable Vanishing of Hobos

April 1, 2022
Something inexplicable has happened!


Smugastut the guard, second unnamed guard and Sharpie the undercover detective. The unnamed guard is running in panic towards a blown up hole in a tile wall.
Unnamed guard: “Oh my tuft! I forgot to block the hobos!”
Sharpie: “Forget the hobos. It’s under control.”

Three panels of three blown up holes in three different locations. There are no crowds of hobos to be seen anymore. Only guards that have been blocking the holes remain, wondering what has happened.

Unnamed guard and Smugastut standing in place, their eyes wide and baffled by the silent scene.

Sharpie has moved to address a giant pile of fluffy down. A pair of eyes stare at him from within the pile.
Sharpie: “Tuple, get outta there. Gimme a status report.”
The two guards are looking at Sharpie, in awe of the detective's inexplicable ability.

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Inexplicable? We'll see about that.