#347 Into the Throne Room

February 11, 2023
One floor down, that’s the throne room.


Sharpie the detective jumps down the floor hole on top of the Stately Tower. Tuple, Smugastut and a group of other guards follow behind him, while Top Hat, the boss of the spies, stays behind.
Sharpie: “Welcome to the top of the tower, Team 5. Let’s move down to the throne room.”

Sharpie, Tuple and Smugastut run through the throne room, towards a reception of Das Attendant, the expert of Das Law. A lot of owl people are at the throne, fighting to get the crown and the cape to become the Lord of the Realm. The rest of the guards run out of the panel.
Sharpie: “This area is now under DLEP jurisdiction! Carry on as normal! Team 5, protocol #74!”
Guards of Team 5: “Word!”

Sharpie hangs onto the reception desk, waking up Das Attendant, who has been fast asleep. Tuple and Smugastut are being distracted by a bowl of fried bugs at the desk.
Sharpie: “Wake up, Attie! We gotta talk Das Law!”
Das Attendant: “Huh? Yeah, I’m your guy!”
Tuple and Smugastut, thinking: “The coveted Crispibuggers of Das Attendant!”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

And they didn’t even have to run up here to get to the snackbowl.

A little fact for you: Das Attendant buys the snacks through his window from the lofty and crisps them himself. They’re so delicious they should be illegal. Yet, the fact that you have to discuss Das Law with Attilem here is enough to make people try to sneak off with just one.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

White Rabbit C/O Janis Joplin

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