#27 Intriguing Individuals: Clacky

December 30, 2016
These bones are merrier than most others.


The curiosity shops are known to carry unbelievably exotic things from time to time, but some top the others. One of the stranger things is this living skeleton.

Communicating with him is a bit hard since he lacks the means to produce coherent sounds or facial expressions. Anyway, people named him Clacky.

Being undead and all, he never really sleeps.


Gheralf says:

By the grandma’s eartufts! A living skeleton! There have been stories of them rattling about in the faraway Twisted Keep since I was just a wee lil’ baby, but this is the first I ever saw one with my own two eyes.

People have tried communicating with him in various ways, ranging from using hand signals to handing him paper and a pen. Yet somehow he never manages to produce anything intelligible.


Vayandil says:

I see now that I made some errors in drawing Clacky's skeleton. He is an endearing fellow, but he does not stand still too much - and the deadline was getting close - so I had to make do with a couple of quick sketches and make up the few details from memory.

Still, Clacky is a very valuable model and I will study him more once the need to draw a person's skeleton occurs again.