#15 Intriguing Individuals: Sharpie

October 7, 2016
We have a thief in our midst! Or perhaps just a cookie addict?

Gheralf says:

Taking a break from our more history-oriented tales, we thought it might be interesting to tell you stories about specific people. We decided to brave the Slums looking for people of interest, and I am glad to announce that we have quite a few stories to tell! We will be slipping them here and there between all the other stuff.

Asking around, we found out that Sharpie here used to belong to the Das Law Enforcement Party, the group that handles all the peacekeeping in the city! I wonder what could have happened for him to end up in the Slums? We must dig deeper into the story some day!


Vayandil says:

Sharpie's pair of giant eyes made me very nervous when we were investigating his way of life. I felt he was constantly watching us, even when his back was turned. Still, he did nothing to chase us away. Or even acknowledge our presence. He seemed to be more concerned about the cookie mystery, anyway.

We also got a glimpse inside his busted shack. Or rather, we got to see everything he owned because of the giant gaps in the walls. Most houses in the slums are poorly built with scarce materials, so they are practically open for anyone to visit. They must be easy to clean, though, when you can just sweep the dust out through the walls!