#237 Intriguing Individuals: Vlumpio

January 8, 2021
This guy is not just a crocodile, but apparently a researcher as well.


Our new scaly pal Vlumpio’s research results on the names for these plains:

Vlumpio: “It’s all forest so I don’t really even understand why it’s called ‘plains’. Still, I need to start from the beginning for my dissertation to make sense...”

“‘Plains of 60 Villages and 3 Ignoramuses’ sounded promising at first.”
“But then I heard ‘Plains of 4 Areas of Villagery’.”
“But there was more! ‘Plains of 52.5 Villages, 3 Inns, 5 Cafeterias and 1 Not-Average-Sized Cat and Its Family’.”
“Plains of New Folk, Old Folk, Some Folk, Them Folk, Those Folk and Folklore Ye Lorefolke.”

“Plains of Our Village Only the Cafe of Greatness Others Do Not Matter.”
“Plains of 967 People.”
“Mama Basket!”
“Big Pwains!”
“Plains of Who Cares We Just Live Here and Soon It’s Time to Go.”
“For Some Reason Nobody Calls It a Forest...”
“Plains of the Exalted Hoodiedude.”
“Anyway, there are many names, but in the end, I have concluded the most appropriate one: Plains of Approximately 64 Villages!”
“We’ll take it!”


Gheralf says:

Scaly friend.

Scary fiend.




Vayandil says:

Finally, we got a name for this area! From now on, we will stick with the “Plains of Approximately 64 Villages” for our reporting purposes. No matter what anyone says later on!