#20 Introducing Lord of the Realm

November 11, 2016
Let’s have a look at who is on top of the food chain. Or maybe at the bottom? Hard to say.


In the center of the city stands the Stately Tower. It is always under construction, trying to keep up with the houses of the lofty. Let us have a look inside!

This is the Lord of the Realm. The supreme ruler of everything. His name is Piff.

Oh, it seems that Piff is being overthrown.

This is the new Lord of the Realm. She is also Piff. We call them Piff because they change so often. Typically many times a day.


Gheralf says:

Even though our ruler is called the Lord of the Realm, the only actual area under his or her influence is our city of Buffet. The lords change so often that they don’t exactly have time to establish any connections to other areas of the realm.

If the current Lord of the Realm were to send a friendly greeting to one of the wild tribes, by the time we would receive an answer, the Lord would have already changed and possibly not even interested in the reply!


Vayandil says:

I must have blinked, because the Lord on the last panel was not sitting there anymore when I finished sketching...

It is unbelievable how many people want to try becoming the Lord so badly. I, for one, was never really interested in such a position, but we had to do the research sooner or later... So, we went and followed a rather large crowd that was determined to overthrow the current lord. As we progressed through the tower, we came to realise that the way to the top would have to be a story on itself! I will not say too much now, but let us just say many, many people from the group got confused and lost on the way.