#267 Investigation Expedition Group

July 30, 2021
You can’t make an investigation without an expedition!


The Stately Tower is open once more. An expedition group is formed to travel down into the depths to find out what caused the tower’s sudden sinking.

Behold, the expedition investigation group:

The Aviatar.
The saviour of the Realm, the ultimate warrior, the master of virtues.
Also a very handy source of unlimited light.

Captain of the Guard, Meltign Catyllus. Plus his entourage of two randomly chosen guards.
Because apparently they don’t think the Aviatar, the ultimate warrior, is strong enough to go alone by himself.

The esteemed Builder-Markgraf.
You may not have heard about her. Well...
Neither have I.
They needed someone to “assess the damage and decide what to do about it”, so this role was created on the spot. We don’t even know what her name is.

And finally there’s these two dolts: Vayandil and Gheralf.
Yes, you two are going with them. Just in case there’s anything interesting down there to report.

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Now you may be thinking: It’s almost as if they’re taking this investigation seriously. Very good!

But isn’t there something strange? The Aviatar is a superior combatant and an investigator beyond measure. Clearly the Captain nor the guards nor the two doofus journalists aren’t needed, not to mention the just-now-appointed Builder-Markgraf.

So why are they all going in?


These are the strings I have been pulling.

Friends, behold the fruits of my labor. The pieces I have set in motion.

Soon, it will all pay off. Our day of triumph draws close.