#212 Irrigation Service

July 17, 2020
Irrigation service does what an irrigation service can.


Chicken: Irrigation service, coming through. Here ya go, silly pipsqueeks. Move ye butt or get yeself soaked!

Chicken: Sway to the left and sway to the right! Here’s ye slop, you pretty pom-poms!

Chicken: Ah-huh?! Plonking nilly-drained image of a gutsack, it’s all done already!

Chicken: Back to the jungle, darlings! Flowers a-drying and our slop’s the cure!


Gheralf says:

We asked the service worker to tell us what they do and he just said “Snap that beak and sway ye hefty butts herewards! Ye will learn from the rambles!”

We think that meant “Please follow me and I’ll show you.” So we did.


Vayandil says:

So swag-swag-swag, water comes out and falls on the ground for flowers to drink. I understand now!